The UAE University Libraries was established along with The United Arab Emirates University upon the kind initiative of the then President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan (May his soul rest in peace), by virtue of the Federal Law 4 of the year 1976. The goal of the University Libraries was to make information resources available to faculty members, students and community users, to participate in the country's development and to assist in solving the various problems of a growing nation. In the beginning, the Dewey decimal classification was adopted and the work in Cataloguing and Public Services was done using traditional manual methods. Regulations were first issued in June 1979, to authorize these services.
Within its first twenty years, the UAEU libraries became one of the leading and pioneering academic libraries in the region, with significant research and community services. These achievements reflected, and provided evidence of, the great wisdom of the educational policies and the far reaching vision of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan.
The development of the administrative performance of the University Libraries also improved through the years following the application of successive waves of modern planning, organizational techniques and workplace technologies.
In 1988, the libraries began a new phase by automating some services, and established, with the aid of the Computer Center, an automated system for circulation. In 1990 the University was reorganized, and the Libraries Administration became the University Libraries Deanship. In 1992, the Libraries Deanship launched a major project to modernize its services, as well as minimizing cost and manpower requirements, by adopting a fully integrated library system that would both meet the needs of research and support the Deanship's bibliographic standard. this plan has led to two major achievements that took up most of the decade of the 90s. these projects are:
◦Conversion of all library holdings from Dewey Decimal Classification to the Library of Congress system
◦Entering the data from all of these holdings into a bilingual database.
The University Libraries include these locations:
• Zayed Library which serves all students and faculty, as well as outside users.
• Main Library for faculty, staff and students.
• Falaj Haza Library for men only.