Library Services for Community Users

Circulation Services:

Provide access to the general book collection in Zayed Central Library as well as the branch libraries at Al Maqam, Muwaiji, Al Jimi, and Islamic Institute, serving UAEU students, faculty and staff, and other community card holders. Circulation would also supply you with answers to questions pertaining to checking out books, renewing library items, the number of items a patron is allowed to check out, late charges for “overdue” books and so forth.

Borrowing privileges:

Are issued at the Zayed Central Library circulation desk. UAEU students must present their university ID cards each time, to check out and/or renew items. Staff can use their ID cards to borrow materials and/or renew items. Borrowers are responsible for all uses of their card with respect to borrowing. Borrowers are also responsible for all fines/fees accrued on their account. It is the responsibility of registered borrowers to notify the Circulation Unit if their library card is lost.

Loan Periods:

Category No. of books Circulation period No. of renewals Period of renewal
Outside Users 3 21 3 21


Community Users can now renew books online! They are allowed three consecutive renewals for items in the general collection and one renewal for items in the Special Collections. To renew your books online, follow instructions on the Electronic Renewal Procedures page. This process will Not work if: the book is on hold, your record is blocked, this is the 4th renewal, and/or if the accumulated fine is 90 dirhams.
Renewing books can be done in two other ways.
1. 1.Borrowers (carrying their library card) can bring books back to the Circulation Desk to be renewed.
2. 2.Borrowers can also renew books by phone, calling the Circulation Desk, and providing them with their ID number.


Borrowers may request to hold items available on the shelf or checked out by another user of the library. As a held item becomes available, it will be kept at the Circulation Desk for a period of three days. Items not picked up by a requesting borrower within those three days will be re-shelved.
If a borrower receives notification that an item they have checked out has been requested by another user, and they fail to return that item, they may lose borrowing privileges. Any item that has been placed on hold may not be renewed.


Are charged for overdue books. Fines are AED 2 dirhams per item per day for overdue books. Fines are paid at the Zayed Central Library Circulation Desk. Items must be returned by the borrower in order for fines to be paid on that item. The maximum overdue fine for each item is AED 90 dirhams.

Lost Books:

The borrower is charged for books that are lost while on loan to him. The cost for the lost item is determined by and paid to the Circulation Unit.
Suspension of Privileges happens when:

  • The borrower owes fines or fees of AED 90 dirhams or more.
  • The borrower owes fees for an item that has been damaged while on loan.

Reference Services:

Offer diverse electronic and printed resources to provide users support in finding information needed for completing assignments and doing research. Research Assistance is conducted by the Reference staff who make themselves available to help library users find their way to library resources and begin the process of locating the information they desire, be it in print or electronic format. The reference area contains numerous networked computer workstations that give access to the Library’s online catalog and various other electronic information resources. Moreover, Reference Services houses a collection of non-circulating reference books.
The staff assists users in using the collection during regular hours, answers mail and telephone queries, and responds to e-mail requests sent to Ask A librarian

Ask A Librarian:

This electronic reference service allows you to submit and get answers to your questions about UAEU library collections and services, or about how to find information via email.

Special Collections Unit:

Primarily collects Emirates materials. The Collection makes available current and historical information in a variety of formats pertaining to the entire United Arab Emirates. The Collection also includes Reserved materials, and British Documents (Archives Edition).